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Valentine's Day. (Name) hated February 14. She always felt like puking the entire day, watching all the couples give each other flowers and candy. She never received anything. It was just so depressing.

(Name) walked around Stark Tower, where she worked, and delivered flowers, boxes of chocolate, and cards to Tony Stark. All from women who thought that he needed them since Pepper had left him last month. Within the following week, he had hired (Name) and acted like nothing had changed, but (Name) knew better. She could seem the sadness in his eyes and he drank like he never had before.

(Name) went back to the lobby when J.A.R.V.I.S told her there was yet another delivery man waiting. “Hello,” she said, entering.

“Hello. Flowers for Miss (Name) (Last Name),” the delivery man said, handing the red roses to her. She took them, smiling, but on the inside she thought, Who would get me flowers? The delivery man left and she set the roses on her desk. She picked up the card and read it.

It's Valentines Day
Just thought you'd like to know by the way
This is the day where everyone tries to win someone's heart
And hope their's doesn't fall apart
They send letters and gifts
And candy and stuff like this
Hoping that person feels the same way
Even maybe give a little pray
That just maybe their little gift of romance
Will maybe give them a chance
So I hope cupid hits you
Just even for a second or two
So that I will be able to be with you
Cause he surely hit me square in the chest
And it's made me a mess
So here I try
And make you mine
So now I ask the question that's so fine
Will you be mine?

(Be at Chiara's at 8 to let me know)

(Name) flipped the card around in her hands, trying to figure out who it was from. However, there was no signature. With a sigh, she put the card back and looked at her watch. It was six o'clock. She was supposed to get off in half an hour, which would give her just enough time to get ready and get to Chiara's. She finished her paperwork and tidied up her desk. At six thirty, she gathered up her purse and flowers and ran out of the building. She had to look amazing for whoever she was meeting tonight.

(Name) walked through the door and threw everything down. She took a quick shower and picked out her dress. It was a cute (f/c) minidress with a sweetheart cut and empire waist. She put her in a style that highlighted her (e/c) eyes beautifully and added a little bit of makeup. She topped off her outfit with silver heels and some sapphire jewelry. She looked in the mirror and smiled at herself.

(Name) looked at the clock and saw that it was seven thirty. she needed to leave to make it to the restaurant on time. She walked outside into the cool crisp air, and hailed a cab. She told the driver where to go and he sped off. When she got to the restaurant, she paid the driver and went inside.

Chiara's was a super fancy Italian restaurant that (Name) had only heard wonderful things about. Inside, everything was bathed in a beautiful golden glow and it smelled amazing. Happy couples ate delicious looking food and drank all kinds of wine. (Name) walked up to the hostess stand and was greeted by a friendly woman with auburn hair and brown eyes. “Hi! Welcome to Chiara's. Do you have a reservation?” the hostess asked.

“I'm actually supposed to meet someone here. I have no idea who though,” (Name) responded.

“Isn't everyone today? May I have your name? There's a man here that said he was waiting for a (Name) (Last Name),” the hostess said, giving (Name) a kind smile.

“That would be me.”

“Excellent! Right this way Miss (Last Name),” the hostess said, leading (Name) to a beautiful, private dining room. (Name) walked in and saw the one and only Tony Stark sitting at a table with a white table cloth, candles, and a single red rose sitting in a vase half full of water.

“Tony?” (Name) asked as she sat down across from him and accepted the menu the hostess handed her.

“Hey, doll,” Tony said smirking at (Name).

“I didn't expect that the roses and card were from you,” she said, still a little surprised that her secret admirer was Tony Stark.

“Who'd you expect it to be? Your boyfriend?” he said. She shot him a glare that made him twitch. Tony forgot that (Name) had a rather vicious side to her.

“Not funny, Mr. Stark. I have a question though. Did you write the poem yourself, or did someone else come up with it?” she asked.

Tony knew that (Name) was like a human lie detector, so he came out and told her the truth. “J.A.R.V.I.S found it on the Internet.”

“Figures. It was far to sweet for you to have written it,” (Name) said.

“I can be sweet!” Tony said, getting offended. Just then, a waitress came up and took their order. (Name) acted casual while ordering, while Tony pouted about (Name)'s comment. The waitress bit her lip, trying to hold in her laughter, as she wrote down their orders.

“Prove it,” (Name) said.

“Prove it? How?” Tony said. “Isn't this date enough for you?”

“So you brought me on this date out of pity?”

“What? No! I brought you here because I really like you, (Name). You're just so smart and beautiful. You've helped me out so much since Pepper left,” he said, getting kind of shy. He didn't know why, but he had never felt shy around a woman before. (Name) just had that effect on him.

“That was sweet,” (Name) said, smiling the smile that Tony had fallen in love with. Damn she was beautiful.

“Told you I could be sweet,” he said. (Name) shrugged and was about to say something else, but then the food came out.

“Oh my goodness... This smells so good,” she said looking at her plate of (favorite Italian food). Tony laughed at her and she blushed. She had never eaten at Chiara's and was slightly embarrassed. They ate and talked about each other, making each other laugh at each other's failures.

After dinner, Tony and (Name) walked through Central Park, making fun of the other couples who were either gazing into each others eyes or passionately making out. They walked to a perfectly still pond that had the stars reflected in it like it was the sky itself.

“I've had a lot of fun tonight,” (Name) said looking out over the water. Tony smiled, glad that he could make her happy and see her lovely smile. He looked at her and she turned to him. Tony leaned down and put his lips on hers. She was slightly surprised at first, but she had been expecting this all night. She quickly melted into the kiss and he kissed even more passionately. They finally broke away when they both needed air. “You really are sweet, Mr. Stark.”

“Yes. Yes I am, Miss (Last Name).”

So this is my entry for the Valentine's contest. I really hope you like this one! This will probably be my last story for a few days. As usual, I do not own Tony Stark (no matter how much I wish I did), you, or the poem. Here is the link for the poem:… Enjoy! ~Grace

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That poem. Oh my god that poem was so :squee: adorable!
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AlchemistWitch14 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2014
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I can relate to the 'Making fun food the other couples' part. Any time I watch a movie and they kiss I ruin the moment by making fun of them or laughing a little...
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Ikr XD I would call it cliché but that would be a cliché.
Ps: I'm quoting that.
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Steve's Lead's to Tony's story
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Thank you for letting us know. We'll fix it :) ~Grace
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That's so so sweet. And Tony is absolutely amazing. I love this side of him.
GracefulJewel Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thanks! And I love the sweet side of any guy ~Grace
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I usually hate Valentines day or anything to do with it but this made me giggle like the dweeb I am
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Orange-Flamethrower Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
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