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      Rain pounded the window as (Name) watched the world below. Cars honked and people passed by under umbrellas, some plain black, but most of them all colors of the rainbow. As she watched, she painted what she saw. On her canvas the colorful umbrellas were a beautiful blur of colors and the car lights popped against her gray sky.

Everything was quiet inside the tower, which was strange. However, she didn't think much about it because she knew Steve was working at S.H.I.E.L.D, Natasha and Clint were on a mission, and Thor was visiting Jane. She had no idea where Tony was and she guessed Bruce was likely down in the lab. She didn't think about the silence, but went into her own little world as she worked.

                                         *Time Skip*

It seemed like it had only been a few minutes, but when (Name) looked at the clock she saw that it was already six in the evening. She had been painting for twelve hours! The rain had woken her up that morning and she saw the scene outside her window and decided it would make a great painting. So, she started working and hadn't stopped.

(Name) decided to go downstairs and see if there was any food. She was in luck, because when she got to the kitchen someone had already ordered pizza. She grabbed two pieces and went in search of some company. She didn't find Natasha, who was still most likely on her mission seeing as Clint was no where to be found either. Steve was still gone and Tony was still no where to be seen. That left Bruce, who was probably still in the lab.

(Name) walked into the first lab and saw him playing with some of his gadgets. “Hey, Bruce,” she said waltzing into the lab.

“Oh, hey (Name),” the scientist said glancing up from his work. She sat on the stool opposite of him and watched him while she ate.  “So what have you been doing today?” he asked breaking the awkward silence.

“Painting,” she replied.

“Oh. I guess that explains your shirt,” he said looking a her shirt. She glanced down and saw that she had gotten paint all over her white tank top. The colors were random, some bright and some boring, and it made her shirt look really cool.

“Hm. Guess I got a new shirt today too,” she said. Bruce smiled and shook his head.

“Do you mind if I ask what the painting is of?” he said.

“Something I saw,” (Name) coolly replied finishing her pizza. Bruce frowned, hoping to get a more specific answer. (Name) never let anyone see her artwork. Tony had once seen some of it by hacking into the cameras in her room, but she had destroyed the footage and disabled all the cameras. But Tony had said her art was absolutely amazing. “Well, see ya later,” she called as she left the lab to go finish painting. Bruce almost called her back not wanting her to leave s soon, but thought it best to let her be.

                                 *Time Skip*

The painting was nearly finished. (Name) just needed to add the raindrops that would make the picture complete. She mixed a white and a silver color for the rain and carefully painted the first few raindrops. She made most of the drops small, but the few large ones had beautiful intricate designs in them. There were swirls and lines that went in all different directions. In some of them she had painted miniature pictures of her life: when she had won her first art award, when she had graduated from art school, but her favorite was of her and the rest of the Avengers fighting together in the Battle of New York. Of course, yo couldn't see what they were unless you looked really closely and followed the lines.

Bruce stood in the doorway to her room watching (Name) paint. The picture took his breath away. The raindrops glittered against her boring sky and the colors popped against the drab buildings and streets. Bruce couldn't believe what he was seeing! Something so breathtaking and beautiful should be shown to the world.

“Uh... (Name)?” he said, alerting her to his presence. She jumped and pivoted in her heel.

“You scared me, Bruce,” she said, blocking the painting from his view.  

“Sorry,” he said sheepishly.

“It's okay,” (Name) said crossing her arms. “May I help you?”

“Oh. Um... I... I just was walking by and saw your light still on and wanted to see if you were still awake,” he said turning red. Now that he said it out loud, his reason for going up there seemed really stupid. “And I was kind of wondering if  you would... uh... let me see your painting.”

Her eyebrows shot up at hearing this. No one had ever wanted to see her artwork before. “Um... I guess you can,” she replied stepping out of the way. Bruce's eyes widened upon seeing the painting in full view. He took in every little detail.

“(Name)... this is amazing. Why don't you ever let anyone see your work if you're this good?” Bruce said.

(Name) sighed and sat on her bed. “I don't know. I guess it's because before I started entering my work in art shows people made fun of me for it. People didn't ooh and ah over it like they do now,” she said.

“I'm sure they were just jealous,” he replied. (Name) smiled and looked down. “This really is beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she replied shyly.

Bruce smiled. “Well, good night, (Name),” he said stepping out of her room. “And thanks for letting me see your painting.”

“You're welcome,” she said. And with that, Bruce left her alone for the night.

                                       *A Few Days Later*

It had been a long and tiring day, and all Bruce wanted to do was take a shower and get to bed. However, he nearly fell flat on his face as he opened the door to his room. He looked down and saw a box with a note on it. He carefully picked it up and looked at the note. It said:
“Dear Bruce,
Thank you so much for helping me get rid of my fear of letting people see my work. You may not know it, but our conversation the other night helped me a whole lot. Thank you so much!
Bruce pulled out the object in the box. It was the painting. Like the first time he had seen it, he took in every little detail. He noticed every picture she had painted in the large raindrops, and noticed a new one. It showed her and Bruce in her room from the other night. Bruce smiled and stared at the beautiful painting that now meant so much to him.
For Bruce lovers! I hope you enjoy this short fluff! I think I like this one. I don't own the avengers or you. ~Grace
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apsenarent Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
aww I love the raindrops in the picture you make it seem so real
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Aw this is scute!
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That was so sweet!
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:iconsofluffy: but so cute too! :)
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Sorry it was supposed to show this---> :iconsofluffyplz:
GracefulJewel Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
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GracefulJewel Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you! ~Grace
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